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If I am a bride-to-be, where can I buy the MaximsWedding dresses?

Check our international store locator Geolocation page to find a store nearby.

If I have a bridal store, how can I order a dress online?

Please Contact us before your first order of dresses.

How long will it take to make my MaximsWedding dress?

We recommend our Customers to plan the order of the dress about 4 months before their wedding date.

How can I become an official retailer for MaximsWedding?

If You own a bridal shop and are interested in selling our dresses/products, please click on the Contact page, where there are the necessary phone numbers, email and contact forms to contact us. Our managers will contact You as soon as possible.

How can I be informed of events and news relating to MaximsWedding?

Subscribe to our newsletters and you will be kept informed about all MaximsWedding discounts, special offers.


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